Municipal Court


The Municipal Court provides citizens fair, efficient, and courteous judicial processing of citations.

The Municipal Court handles all Class C misdemeanors, traffic violations, parking citations, and non-traffic offenses relating to animal control issues, city zoning and ordinance violations, and city code enforcement.

You Received a Citation.  What can you do?

  1. Appear in court by the date on your citation.
  2. Enter a plea:
    • Not Guilty
    • Guilty
    • No Contest
  3. After the plea:
    • Pay the fine 
    • Deferred Disposition (Deferred Adjudication) 
    • Driving Safety Course

Juveniles, which are individuals under the age of 17, must appear in court with a parent or guardian and set a court date.  Minors, which are individuals between the ages of 17 and 20, who have been charged with an alcohol or tobacco related offense must appear in court and set a court date.

If you received a citation for No Insurance (Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility), or for Expired Violations (expired drivers license or expired registration), you may be eligible for dismissal if you meet certain requirements. 

Court Appearances

Parker Municipal Court does not provide or give legal advice. Continuances are not granted by telephone.

If you decide to appear in person, do not contact the court until twobusiness days after receiving your citation, as this allows the court time to process the citation and make it available when you appear at the court.


In order to promote professional and proper decorum, the Court advises all who enter to:


  • Dress appropriately, i.e. no shorts of any kind, halter tops, tank tops, or lewd clothing

  • No T-shirts having offensive language or pictures, No hats, No cellular phones or pagers (audible mode)
  • No food and/or drinks or gum chewing
  • No weapons of any kind - if weapons are brought to the Courthouse, you will be asked to remove them from the building.
  • Stand a few feet back from the bench when addressing the Judge - do not lean on the bench.
  • Avoid bringing small children to court. If you must, please monitor their behavior so that they remain quiet at all times. Parents may be asked to leave the courtroom if their child becomes noisy or unruly.

The Court reserves the right to amend these general rules.