Water Usage Portal

Water Usage Portal IconHave you ever wanted to check your water usage for the month or were concerned you might have a water leak?  Now you have the opportunity to view your information online!

Due to upgrading our billing system, residents will need to re-register to access the Water Usage Portal.  To register, have a copy of one of your new bill statements available and simply click "here" to sign up!  When prompted, enter your account number with the zeros, dashes and the extension (01-00001234-02) then your name as shown on your bill statement in ALL CAPS.  Yes, it’s that easy! Once you are able to access your information, you can check your usage details and even set alarms and notifications.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact Kat Clark at kclark@parkertexas.us or 972-442-6811.