Water Usage Portals

Have you ever wanted to check water usage for the month or were concerned there might be a water leak?  You have the ability to view this information online!

Contact the Utility Billing Department to find out which type of meter you have as this determines which portal should be accessed. Registration is required to access the portal for the first time,   Have the billing statement handy. When prompted, enter the account number with the zeros, dashes and the extension (ex: 01-00001234-02), then type your name as shown on the statement in ALL CAPS.

To access the Sensus Portal:  https://my-pkrtx.sensus-analytics.com/login.html#/signin  

Water Usage Portal Icon

To access the Beacon Portal: https://eyeonwater.com/signin


Yes, it’s that easy! Now you can check usage details, pull reports, set alarms and more.

To determine which portal to use or if you have questions, contact Robin Shults at rshults@parkertexas.us or 972-442-6811.