Municipal Complex

The City of Parker is committed to work with the residents in determining the best solution to develop a comprehensive plan for a new Municipal Complex.  In determining this everything, will be on the table for discussion.  The City of Parker City Council desires feedback on how to move forward.

Your input is needed and welcomed.  Below are the documents the City of Parker Building Documents.  There is hyperlinks which will take you to each section that has been labeled.  There is also a Question and Feedback Form.  You may submit any questions or feedback you may have.  Finally the questions that are submitted will automatically populate in the Question and Feedback Response form.  City Staff will be notified of the question and will work diligently to answer each question in a timely manner.  The City of Parker City Council thanks you for taking the time in reviewing documents and submitting questions.  


City of Parker Building Documents & Interactive Meetings 


Question /Feedback Form


Question / Feedback Form Responses

June 15, 2021 Presentation