Who certifies volunteer firefighters?
Texas volunteer firefighters are not required by state law to be certified. However, our department, as well as most other volunteer fire departments in Texas, voluntarily adhere to the training curriculum of the State Firefighter's and Fire Marshal's Association (SFFMA) of Texas. This organization will certify volunteer firefighters at the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master levels. Its training curriculum mirrors that of the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP).

Career firefighters in Texas are required by law to be certified by TCFP - a state agency. They generally receive their training through state-certified training academies.

Volunteer firefighters who have achieved SFFMA Advanced certification and hold emergency medical certification, may challenge the TCFP examination to become TCFP-certified basic structural firefighters. Several of our members have done so.

Parker Fire Department does not certify firefighters, but coordinates with SFFMA to provide recognized training to them so that they may obtain certification. For safety, we do require that our members achieve at least SFFMA Basic certification before engaging in structural firefighting activities.

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