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Building Department

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1. Is there a minimum size for wire in new homes and remodels?
2. How do I request an inspection?
3. How do I report a code violation?

City Secretary

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1. What is the Official Newspaper for Parker?
2. What type of government is Parker?
3. What is the population of Parker?


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1. What is Parker's sales tax rate?
2. Who do I contact about property taxes?
3. What is Parker's current property tax rate?


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1. What are the requirements to join the Parker Fire Department?
2. Is there anything else that will help my application be accepted by the department?
3. I do not meet all of the above criteria. Can I still apply?
4. Where do I send my completed application?
5. I have filled out my application. Now what happens?
6. Should I include a resume with my application?
7. I have been accepted for an interview and I have been asked to come to the fire station for a job-related physical assessment. What can I expect?
8. How long does it take from the time I drop off my application until I am accepted to the Fire Department?
9. How much time will I be expected to contribute?
10. How many calls does Parker Fire Department respond to in an average year?
11. Am I expected to attend all emergency calls?
12. I am not around all the time, or I work shift work or I would just not be available to respond to calls or attend the training sessions. Does this pose a problem?
13. I realize this is a volunteer fire department, but is there any compensation for attending practices or emergency calls?
14. I have never belonged to a fire department or never had any special training dealing wtih fire emergencies. Am I wasting my time applying to be a volunteer firefighter?
15. Who certifies volunteer firefighters?
16. How many fire stations are there? Where are they located?
17. What type(s) of calls do you respond to?
18. Does the department provide emergency medical services?
19. Are there any full time staff working on the fire department?
20. I am a little apprehensive about being the "new kid on the block".
21. What are the duties of a volunteer firefighter?
22. What items will I be specifically trained in as a volunteer firefighter?
23. What area does the Parker Fire Department provide coverage for?
24. How long do you keep completed applications on file?

Human Resources

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1. Where do I send my application and/or resume?

Municipal Court

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1. How do I resolve my citation?
2. When should I contact the court about my citation?
3. How do I have a FMFR (no insurance) citation dismissed?


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1. Is there a teen curfew in Parker?
2. I don’t have a life or death emergency, but need an officer. What should I do?
3. Does the Police Department do fingerprinting?
4. Are fireworks allowed in the City of Parker?

Public Works

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1. Is there a park in Parker?
2. Who do I call to report a pothole?
3. I think I have a water leak in my yard, who do I call?

Utility Billing

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1. How do I start or cancel utility service?
2. Water is coming out of the ground. What should I do?
3. What time should my trash be set out?
4. Where does Parker get its water?
5. What day is bulk trash pickup?

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