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Interested in becoming a member of the Parker Volunteer Fire Department?
Position: Volunteer Firefighter

Deadline: Open

Job Summary: Under the supervision of the shift leader, members will respond to Medical Emergencies, Fire Alarms, Structure Fires, Motor Vehicle Accidents and all other calls as needed. Members are responsible for meeting the minimum requirements of the Department.
Being a volunteer firefighter is a challenging and rewarding way to serve your community. The job is physically and mentally demanding and requires that the firefighter trains hard. At the Parker Volunteer Fire Department, you'll be surrounded by dedicated, motivated people who will help you develop your potential and become the best firefighter you can be.


*All applicants must pass a background investigation and drug test.
*Minimum age - 18
*High School Diploma or GED
*Ability to work in confined space
*Must be TCFP certified
*Attendance at in-house training sessions
*Obtain Class B Drivers License within 6 months of membership
*Ability to respond to emergency calls
*Ability to operate in a "chain of command" structure

Optional training typically pursued by our members:

*Paramedic - 1,000 hours
*Intermediate Fire Training - 206 hours
*Advanced Fire Training - 192 hours
*Driver/Operator - 44 hours
*Rope Rescue Operations - 36 hours
*Rope Rescue Technician - 32 hours
*Swift Water Rescue Technician - 32 hours

You may submit your application to:

Parker Fire Department or City Hall
5700 E. Parker Rd
Parker, TX 75002

Parker Volunteer Fire Department Application
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