City Administration

City Administrator

Parker’s history is filled with dedicated leaders whose vision and careful planning have resulted in a premier residential community offering a high quality of life. The City Administrator’s Office is committed to leading a staff of professionals in working as partners with City Council and the citizens to continue to make good things happen.

The City Administrator's Office is responsible for:
• Implementing City Council policy
• Directing departments and the City's administrative functions
• Providing day-to-day leadership in policy development and implementation
• Assuring an efficient and equitable delivery of City services
• Initiating and developing short and long-term special projects
• Overseeing the annual budget process
• Managing the City's inter-governmental relations and public information functions

City Vision Statement

The City of Parker is a unique, high-quality community in a country setting dedicated to ensuring the quality of life by delivering cost-effective, highly responsive services with integrity and friendliness while protecting the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens and employees.