Parker Historical Family Photos

The McCreary Family

MallRiley Joe McCrearys Houseoy "Loy" McCreary (son of William Henry, grandson of William M.,) was born April 23, 1897 in Collin County near Murphy, Texas and died March 25, 1967 in Dallas, Texas. He married Lular Maude Stinson February 3, 1907 in Lucas, Texas, by Rev. Tom Newsome. She was born February 9, 1880 in Collin County and dieLoy and Maude McCreary Wedding Picd April 11, 1989 in Plano, Texas.

Riley Joe McCreary's House

Loy and Maude McCreary Wedding Picture

**Source: Zada Beth McCreary Nicholson

The Stinson Family

The Stinson Family(Standing) Myrtle Stinson Strain Phillips Calloway (1898-1987), Henry Robert Stinson (1895-1946), Clara Stinson McCreary (1902-1976) and Lucy Stinson Tomberlin (1877-1961); (Seated) William Benjamin Stinson (1892-1969), James Francis Stinson (1852-1926), Margaret Catherine Biggs Stinson (1859-1947), Maude Stinson McCreary (1890-1989) and Cora Catherine Stinson Starnes (1883-1953).

The Stinson Family 2

**Sources: Ema Jean Christian, Zada Beth McCreary Nicholson, and Stinson Elementary PTA

The Gregory Family

CC Gregorys Trotter Horse

C.C. Gregory's Trotter horse "Tom Randolph" around 1915.

CC Gregory at Old Parker Store

C.C. Gregory in front of old Parker Store

**Source:  Ema Jean Christian

Parker-Murphy Home Demonstration Club

Women of Parker and Murphy 1960Women of Parker and Murphy2 1960

1960 - Women of Parker and Murphy

**Source: Zada Beth McCreary Nicholson