Parker residents are enthusiastic recyclers, regularly filling up the 65 gallon green carts and setting them out for collection on their scheduled pick up day.  Effective March 30, 2018, residences on the east side of Dillehay Drive / Hogge Drive trash/recycle pickup schedule will change to every Friday.  Residences on the west side of Dillehay Drive / Hogge Drive will continue to be picked up every Thursday.  Each household is issued one cart, but additional carts are available from City Hall at no charge.

Why is Recycling A Good Thing to Do?
  • Energy and fossil fuels are saved
  • Natural resources are saved
  • Fewer air emissions are created
  • Costs are reduced through waste diversion
  • Landfills are more efficient and productive, and last longer

Recycling is easy – you don’t have to presort your recyclables.  Everything to be recycled goes straight into your green recycling cart.  

Practice Empty, Clean and Dry - The New Way To Recycle
  • Empty means making sure there is no food or product residue.  Make sure all of that goes into the trash or down the drain as part of the EMPTY process.
  • Clean means that empty recyclable containers should be rinsed.  So, no mustard in the mustard containers or left over ketchup in the ketchup bottles.  If you cannot get a container completely clean, it is best to put it into the trash so as not to contaminate the rest of your recycling material and the overall process.
  • DRY means letting containers dry before placing them in your green container so that the paper and cardboard doesn't get wet.  Wet or soiled paper and cardboard cannot be recycled.
What Can Be Recycled?
  •  Plastic - Water bottles, Take out containers, Soda Bottles, Detergent Containers, Bagged Film Plastics
  •  Glass - Clear, green and brown glass bottles or jars
  •  Metal - All metal food and beverage cans (Aluminum beverage cans, food cans, steel food containers)
  •  Paper - Paper (staples okay), Newspaper, Envelopes, Catalogs, Magazines, Junk Mail, Phone Books, Brochures, Cereal boxes, and any other household paper products, including shredded paper (which must be put in a clear plastic bag before going in to the container)
  •  Cardboard - Ream wrappers, File Folders, Poster Board, Frozen Food Boxes, Cardboard boxes (folded flat), Milk Cartons, Chipboard 
Please remove food waste, lids and rinse containers.   

What CANNOT be recycled?

Batteries of any kind, Bubble wrap, Medication, Syringes and Needles, Tissue Paper, Paper Towels, Napkins, Food-soiled paper products or pizza boxes, Kitchen waste, Aluminum Foil, Waxed cartons, Mirrors or Ceramics, Chemicals, Diapers, Clothing or Shoes, Toys, Hardback books, Stickers, Address Labels, Household hazardous waste and toxic containers, Plastic bags, Plastic wrap, Styrofoam, Motor oil bottles, Oil, Paint, Tires, Electronic waste, Window glass, Construction waste, Scrap Metal and Yard waste.

To find a disposal/recycling center for hazardous waste, oil, paint, and other items, visit for the nearest location.  Many grocery stores and home improvement stores accept plastic bags and other items. 

Visit the Parker website for more information, or contact the City Utility Billing Department at or 972-442-6811.